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Araxos Airport, Patras

During the summer time araxos airport it serves a few civilian flights from northern Europe. It is accessed next to the road south for E55. The airport code is GPA or less common LGRX. LGRX is the NATO designated code for the airport. The airport is located nearly 1 km east of the centre.

The construction of Araxos airport bagan In the 1960s as a military airport . The 116 Combat was established in the area, which in turn, hosted the NATO 345 Air Munitions Company. The runway length is 4 km and is run south to north. Araxos airport is the closest airport to the city of Patras. 

Araxos Airport area info.

Much of Araxos and the community are deforested. Farmlands dominate the south, the southeast and east. Forests are founded in the southwest, the north, around Araxos, the south and within the military airport. Rocky landscape and some forests are to the west as part of Mavro Oro ( meaning Black Mountain). It has an around 150 m tall mountain running southwest to northeast and an around 286 m mountaintop to the west. It also has a mountain range running south to north with a length of around 5 km and is mainly cliffy in the south. Another small mountain is in the northeast with the range running south to north with a tower on top of the mountain. The Pappa Lagoon which runs southwest then south to north is in the north and is only 100 m from the Araxos - Lakkopetra Road.
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Postal address:
Araxos National Airport
25200 KATO ACHAIA Greece

Airport code: GPA 

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